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...Will I let that happen to me


I need to start sewing again soon,
And make money ;]

funny comic time :]
explosm- bed</a>
I am sooo frustrated...
I thought my junior year would be good..
With NO drama
I thought worng :/
Yeah, I just finished reading The Crucible..
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Abagail is pretty crazy and obsessed with Proctor.
It reminds me of my situation right now, as crazy as it seems lol
Theirs this stupid immature freshman who's OBSESSED with Alex!
Seriously, he told her he doesn't wanna go out with her..
And she has pictures of him ALL over her profile..
And she always comes up to him and tries to block me from me to annoy me
And guess what, it's really working lol
Somehow, she got into her stupid head, they'll get together..
That he'll leave a TWO year relationship for some hoe haha
Yeah I am so frustrated.
I finally realized this year how immature freshman can be.
I'll calm down a sec and say I just saw Across the Universe :]
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It was sooooooooooo good :]
I loved it, I think I'm gonna watch it again soon :]
i made this one for chelsea....its the same size and everything as the other bag...

but it has a multi-colored heart design :] and heart buttons, i put pink thread with the buttons :]..

and..i made a pocket for this one too..

i went to joanns and bought some fabric for a new tote for school
i like this bag :] its nice haha

this is it :]]]

and this is fabric and.....the button that i like alottttt

and....the inside, i made a pocket too.
i wanna see alot :]
like this one movie La Vie en rose, also called La Mome, it looks good :]
Marion Cotillard plays edith in this movie, she was also in big fish, and jeux d'enfants, that was a cute movie :]
i wanna buy jeux d'enfants and the science of sleep :[ but i cant i got no money
i wanna start watching more french movies, there alot better than american movies :] haha and that way i can learn french more too :]

well make me a list of french movies pretty please!
well yay! i finally finished the newest, and last, harry potter book right now :]
it was a reallyy good book, but i was disappointed on some things,(mainly the ending), but it fit into the story so it was good i guess.
you should read it!!!

i watched yesterday, it was a good movie, but i kinda got confused

but yeah after i finished it i got it all

its a cute movie and this part was funny....lol

i wanna buy it now :] it was very artistic i really liked that, and they were speaking english french and spanish in the movie so that was cool

and the director made some movies i didnt know he made like...
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind...and alot of french movies, but ive never heard of them..
...and he directed...
..block pary..
..he directed some music videos from Björk
.. but yeah it was a good movie

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well the harry potter midnight premier was fun :]]

too bad nobody wanted to take the picture of me with a chick dressed up like malfoy lol

but i took a picture in front of the sign

but yeah it was short, like 2 hours and 20 minutes i think...

but overall it was a good movie, but they left out alottt

like they had no quidditch in it, which in this bok ron was on the quidditch team

and... the hospital scenes....and percy and lupin was barely in it, the sorting hats song wasnt it it......well basically aloot!!

but i still recommend to watch it :] lol

and i cant wait for the new book! it comes out on saturday! i have a feeling ron and hermione will finally get together in this book :]

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i love these little mini movies theyre sooo hilarious, and pearl is so cute haha watch and enjoy!

wow i never write in here, i really need to start
i really want to learn how to play piano
soon hopefully since schools out now
and me and margaret are starting a band :]
and....i just ate burger king :[ it wasnt so good
i kinda wish i didnt cut my bangs, but hey i guess they look OK
today was pretty boring for the last day of school
lots of people in my classes ditched
and i had finals all day :[[ booo
but other than that it was OK
...i wanna finally make this dress since ive got NOTHING to do...

....and heres the fabric..

..and i wanna make this cool shirt i bought the pattern from the thrift store...

..and a clutch purse from this fabric my sister painted kinda :]...